Baller is the first brand of aluminium suitcase in INDONESIA. 
The brand was established in 2018. Baller is designed by considering four essential elements of Premium-Quality suitcase.

First, Elegance. On your journey, suitcase reflects fashion and characteristic. Baller has gained a rich design heritage to create professional lifestyle.

Second, Durability. The essence of high-quality suitcase must proceed quality controls that exceed beyond industry standards. Baller is build using superior quality materials that support its operation for different surface conditions.

Third, Security. Your safety is our responsibility. Baller is equipped by TSA lock technology that has been approved and tested internationally.

Fourth, Convenience. Baller is designed with 360 Degree multiwheel system. Our wheels make it easy for you to maneuver and make your suitcase lighter when operated.

Baller is manufactured using fine materials and assembled with care. We would like to give assurance on your journey. An elegant travelling experience wherever you are.