Built to Last

Made of 100% Polycarbonate German technology, each luggage goes through a tumbling test. We make sure the luggage won't get damaged easily and will work well during your trips. The result shows a tumble of 2 circles a minute, with a total tumble of 25 circles from 16 kg, 20 kg, 22 kg loads in each luggage.

With 20 kg, 22 kg, 25 kg loads, we test on the drop machine at 90cm height, drop luggage at 4 corners of the luggage for one time. No damage was observed on the shells and all parts remained functional after both tests.

We believe in quality that stands over time. Our luggages is crafted for durability and sophistication, ensuring that every detail meets our high standards, guaranteeing you a product that's not only visually appealing but also reliable.

Made Traveling Easy for You

Travel easier with an effortless move of the 360° wheels that can rotate in any direction, allowing you to easily navigate through tight spaces, crowded areas, and busy airports without straining your arm.

Each Baller’s luggage went through a wheel mileage test, by placing it on the mileage test machine. With 20 kg, 22 kg, 25 kg loads at a speed of 4.0km/h, 2 wheels run for 2 hours with an additional 5 kg weight on the trolley. Our smooth and silent 360° wheels remained functional after the mileage test and the abrasion of the wheel tires can not exceed 2 mm, ensuring their long-lasting performance.

Our luggages comes equipped with both top and side handles. The top handles offer effortless lifting, while the side handles provide a different grip for any situation. Whether you're navigating through tight spaces or loading onto conveyors, these dual handles ensure a comfortable journey, no matter how you need to carry your luggage.

In a thorough testing, 20 kg, 22 kg, 25 kg loads in each handle were jerked 23 times per minute, totaling 300 times. Following this jerking test, all handles retained their full functionality. This highlights the durability and reliability we aim to provide in every aspect of our luggages.